Work clothes custom fabric selection is the key

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We are work clothing manufacturer in China,Work clothes customization plays a positive role in improving corporate image and displaying corporate culture connotation. Work clothes have the meaning of publicity.

Work clothes custom how to identify work and quality

Work clothes custom distinction work and quality methods

One, clothing made to order

Fabric quality is good or bad, will directly affect the quality of the work clothes, some working clothes manufacturers in bidding, the program used by the example of high-grade fabrics, and in the practice produces in the process of cutting corners, small changes have been made on the cloth share, this small change in the layman can't we see, but in practice are evident in the application.

Two, uniform custom appearance

Uniform custom should be neat, flat, symmetrical control, folding rules, all parts of the ironing, no leakage hot, no dead fold, product wireless head, no yarn wool. Thread and cloth should be compatible, including color, texture, fastness, shrinkage and other aspects, both of which should be roughly the same to ensure the quality of clothing connotation and appearance. The color of the button should match that of the cloth.

Three, work clothes custom color difference

 Work clothes custom chromatic aberration rules is the request of the material, that is, the request of the clothing cloth. According to the relevant national standards on the color of the rules, the clothing collar, bag fabric, pants side seam is the primary part, color difference higher than level 4, other appearance of the four parts. The tool for checking the color difference of clothing products is to borrow the "color fastness fading sample card". The sample card is one of the national standards formulated by the original ministry of textile industry. The sample card is composed of five pairs of gray standard samples and is divided into five grades. Grade 5 represents the fading fastness, color difference is equal to zero, grade 4 to grade 1 represents the relative degree of progressive fading, grade 1 indicates serious.

Four, work clothes custom defect

By standard rules, only one defect was allowed on each individual part. The independent parts are the areas differentiated by the clothes pieces, which can be divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4 regions according to the primary and secondary parts. Each part is an area of the garment. If the jacket has two front pieces, each breast is a part 1, each part is a separate part, and two parts 1 are two separate parts. In the independent part of the chest, there are both clothes and pocket and pocket cover. Standard rules each independent place, allow to have a blemish only, it is to say that there is a blemish on garment piece, the stick bag inside this independent place and bag cover go up to forbid to have a blemish again. Because the variety of defect is different because of different cloth and different, judge punctuality to want to proceed according to standard standard.

Five, work clothes custom sewing

In spacing density, gauge the spacing of open lines (including dark lines without visible lines) for every 3cm14-18 stitches. There are many kinds of fabrics. To ensure the appearance and firmness of products, different fabrics should be selected with different stitch lengths. Be like the needle pitch of hard cloth can be a bit thinner commonly, the cloth with soft quality of a material is general needle pitch can be a bit closer.


Six, uniform custom standard

Clothing size setting, it is necessary to "clothing size series" standard related rules. The standard standard is limited to the tolerance scale allowed by the standard.