How should we do the work clothes maintenance?

Pubdate:2019-12-24 15:44:57  industry


Now most of the shirts, t-shirts, engineering clothes, cook clothes, nurses, security clothing and so on are called uniform; Work clothes represent the image of the enterprise, can play an active role in work clothes. No matter how good the style of a suit of work clothes is, the proper maintenance can extend its service life more. So how do we do work clothes maintenance?


The expert introduces overalls to maintain what skill to have

The following is the small doohickey that a few coveralls maintain: the coveralls of different colour wants space to wash brush, do not soak as far as possible, prevent each other dye.

Clean work clothes to be neatly hung, cut wrinkles, to prevent exposure to the local dust; Do not expose to the sun for a long time, simply fade. It will be fresh when it is dried.

Natural fiber has hydrophilic characteristics, has a strong moisture absorption and moisture regain function, can make itself adhere to the certain humidity. So season does not wear work clothes after washing dry fold neat, placed in dry local, add some moths; Convenient for next season's wear.

Above is the skill that the overalls that the expert introduces maintains, believe to help somewhat to you. If you would like to know more about this, please pay attention to this site. Enjoy your reading.