Work clothes when custom need to pay attention to what point

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The enterprise customizes a suit of fashionable smock to be able to let employee work more handy. So, the design of smock needs to satisfy not only practical function but also beautiful function. Enterprises need to pay attention to a lot of problems in the custom work clothes, the following technical personnel talk about work clothes custom need to pay attention to what on earth?

Work clothes when custom need to pay attention to what point

1, work clothes custom economy, in addition to a few expensive work clothes, such as a specific etiquette service, special service, most of the requirements that it has a reasonable price performance ratio, that is, with the design of the selected fabric grade, style complexity, process difficulty and other comprehensive comparison. Under the premise of the same aesthetic feeling and function, the design of work clothes should reduce the cost as far as possible, from the style, material, difficult to make, clothing structure and other details.

2. Customized pertinence of work clothes, the principle of work clothes design is first of all clear pertinence: for different industries, different enterprises in the same industry, different positions in the same enterprise, different identities of the same position, gender and so on. Point design differentia induces why the person wears. Wear with time. Wear with place. Why to wear. Wear what. Custom-made work clothes suits what person to wear, it is to point to the place that oneself hold office to work or the one part person that is engaged in official business inside narrow sense of the word, it is to point to relatively not clear in broad sense the one part consumer group after be being divided. Here "people" in the uniform performance for a group. A section. A class, its working characteristics. Individual and group style. Physiological and psychological needs. Time and place are the general environment and small environmental factors of the occupation. Time includes spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the difference between day and night.

3, work clothes custom aesthetic, work clothes aesthetic by the spirit of the clothing this common decision. The classification standard of work clothes, work clothes refers to a kind of special clothing which can indicate the professional characteristics of the employees when they work. It is practical, marked, artistic, protective, scientific and ornamental.

4, work clothes custom functional, according to different purposes, and can be divided into the body with occupational work clothes and protective occupational clothes. The occupational outfit smock that holds a body to use emphasizes artistic sex quite, and the occupational outfit smock that protects to use emphasizes practicality quite.

Work clothes custom and production can be based on their own company, selected styles of fabrics such as: construction company, should choose wear-resistant fabrics; Electronics companies should use anti-static fabrics. Bio-chemical enterprises choose acid-alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant fabrics. Nuclear power enterprises should choose radiation-proof materials and so on.