What are the benefits of custom flame retardant coveralls

Pubdate:2019-05-09 18:20:50  dynamic


Spark in ‌ ‌, heat and flame of the workplace, we must wear flame retardant coveralls, make each weekday safer, more comfortable. So what are the benefits of custom-made flame retardant coveralls?

What are the benefits of custom flame retardant coveralls

, create protection: each coverall is light and tactile and the material is soft, unlike the others which often have a heavy, uncomfortable handling of the material's flame-retardant set. This has not been at the expense of security, however. All our flame retardant coveralls meet the relevant safety standards.

Second, fabric advantage: specially permeated with materials used in flame retardant pants and cotton jackets, designed to protect against flame contact, convection or radiant heat. Shijiazhuang haiyuan labor insurance provides the same level of protection and the use of advanced materials, but also provides excellent air permeability and comfort.

Third, comfort: it will be easy to sacrifice comfort for bulky, flame-retardant clothing designs made of heavy materials.

Custom-made flame retardant work clothes is one of the varieties widely used in individual protective articles. The protection principle of flame retardant clothing is mainly to adopt the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation, etc., and the flame retardant clothing protects workers from the harm of open fire or heat source.